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Apple has started making audiobooks using artificial intelligence


The digital book store, Apple Box, sought to produce an audio version of published books using artificial intelligence technology, which replaces the human voice with a mechanical one.

Apple's move was met with great objection by voice commentators after technology threatened their livelihood.

So far, the digital book store "Apple Box" has developed four voice narrators with artificial intelligence technology to be used in producing an audio version of romance and fantasy books, as well as non-fiction and self-development books.

Apple justified its move by saying that producing an audiobook with a human voice would take weeks and cost the publisher thousands of dollars. Apple's move has been criticized, and it is expected that its move will provoke absolute rejection by audio commentators.

Experts said that Apple has taken advantage of the popularity of audiobooks, which has grown in recent years.

As its sales jumped last year to 25 percent, bringing the value of profits in this sector to more than one billion dollars.

And those in charge of audiobook companies expect that the profits of this sector will reach more than thirty-five billion dollars by the year two thousand and thirty. Technology giants are for-profit companies looking for profitable markets.

The listener is one of the most affected because the voice of artificial intelligence cannot keep up with the human voice in its senses.

The voice of AI cannot be applied to all types of books. Some books require a specific emotional state from the reciter.

We are in the midst of technological development, but inventors should not be captivated by such inventions

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