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Britain in an exciting space date on Monday

The missile will be launched from a modified civilian aircraft.

The world is looking forward to a unique space experience, next Monday, in which the first satellites will be launched from space, not from Earth.

This experience is also unique, as it will start from British soil, which will witness the launch of satellites into Earth’s orbit for the first time, bearing in mind that Britain had previously sent its satellites to other countries for their launch.

We are used to watching a vertical launch of space missiles at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, but the expected launch will be horizontal, as the modified plane, as a well-known commercial aircraft, will take off from a British airport.

The launch will take place at 22:16 on Monday evening from Newquay Airport in Cornwall, western England, after commercial flights have finished at the airport.

Virgin Orbit, which is organizing the experiment, says it is ready for this historic mission.

The British authorities have prepared reserve dates in the event that the launch is not possible due to the weather, next Monday, and the reservation dates include: January 13, 15, 18, 19 and 20. On a date with writing history, according to what the newspaper considered. And the British newspaper "Daily Mail" said, especially since the experiment coincides with the fiftieth anniversary of the launch of the British space project.

The launch is based on a modified Boeing 474, which will carry a 21-meter rocket under one of its wings, and the rocket will also carry a number of satellites on board.

And when the plane reaches a certain height of just over 10,000 meters, specifically over the Atlantic Ocean, the missile will be launched from it, and then it will set off on its journey into space.

It is expected that the free fall of the missile will continue for a few seconds before it ignites and moves very quickly south towards Portugal as it climbs.

The moment the rocket reaches low Earth orbit, it will launch its payload of satellites.

The satellites include a prototype of what is known as a space factory that can manufacture materials that are impossible to make on Earth.

The plane is called "Cosmic Girl" and the missile it carries is called "Launch One". 

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