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Giant companies were established only years ago.. and others have been struggling for hundreds of years!


Many consumers around the world are exposed to the products and services of some companies daily, which has come to dominate the lives of most of us, or the rebellious dreams of some of us, regarding the experience of a trip to space, or the ownership of a luxury car.

The data site "World of Statistics" has monitored a list of the most famous technology companies, and others, which still exist with strong or weak representation, and have witnessed many changes over many years, whether in their market shares in their sectors or ownership structure. The Finnish company "Nokia" was one of the exciting stories of a company that was featured on the cover of "Forbes" magazine in 2006, and wrote at the time under the picture "Who can catch up with it in the mobile phone market" concerning its huge global market share, with one billion users, but The global technical acceleration quickly eliminated these facts, and the company's business quickly collapsed after the launch of the "Android" system from Google and the phone companies reliance on it in exchange for "Nokia" sticking to its own system, which is no longer as smooth as it used to be for users.

The age of the companies is not a measure or evidence of continuity and success, as several companies reached the global level and were established years ago, while other companies that were established decades ago are struggling.

But like people age, companies go through rapid growth years in the beginning and periods of strength, and aging may kill some of them unless they keep up with modernity and technology and keep investing in research and development. Here is a list of the companies' ages in 2023:

Instagram: 13



Tesla: 20

Space X: 21

Google: 25

Netflix: 26

Amazon: 29

Dell: 39

apple: 47

Microsoft: 48

sony: 77

Samsung: 85

Mercedes Benz: 97

Disney: 100

BMW: 107

IBM: 112

ford: 120

Nintendo: 134

Nokia: 158

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