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Here are the most important scientists who changed our lives, and technology dramatically


Nikola Testelnik: Nikola Testelnik is a computer engineer and mathematician, known for his contribution to Pascal's development and the ENIAC computer's development.

Adrian Norton: Adrian Norton is a computer engineer and mathematician best known for contributing to the development of the universal programming platform, Java.

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Margarita Google: Margarita is a manager at Google and is involved in developing well-known company products, such as Google Earth and Google Steel.

Steve Jobs is the founder and CEO of Microsoft, and he is known for his contribution to the development of many well-known technical products, such as Windows and Office. He has many achievements in the field of technology and is globally recognized as a senior technical expert.

Some scientists have made significant contributions to the field of technology, but many have made significant contributions to this field, which may not be mentioned here. There is no doubt that this field is derived from scientists and engineers who specialize in it a lot, and for this, we can say that all the scientists who made contributions to the technology field are wonderful.

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