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Here is good news for Samsung phone holders. The company announced its first OLED screen for phones

Samsung Display announced its first OLED screen for smartphones with a massive brightness level of 2,000 nits.

The Korean company said in a statement that it had obtained the trademark for this level of brightness under the name Ultra Dynamic Range (UDR) from the global company for safety sciences (UL Solutions). It also added that it had obtained two marks (UDR 1500). And (UDR 2000) for (OLED) screens for smartphones, and given that the (UDR) trademark indicates the level of brightness of the screen, Samsung screens that obtained this mark prove their ability to provide a brightness of 1,500 lumens, or 2,000 lumens, according to the website Arab portal for technical news.

New screen metrics

With the increase in ultra-high definition (UHD) content, the range and ability to maintain screen brightness have become key performance metrics for displays.

Samsung's high-brightness screens show a more realistic quality with a rich color experience that increases the pleasure of use.

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