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iPhone The fourth generation of its phones, iPhone SE, will be cancelled


Apparently, we will not see the next generation of iPhone SE, as Apple decided to abandon its cheap devices due to the poor sales of its previous versions.

iPhone SE 4

Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known leak analyst who specializes in Apple news, said that the iPhone maker intends not to release iPhone SE 4 next year, 2024.

Kuo believes that the reason for getting rid of the fourth-generation iPhone SE is due to poor sales, which was contrary to Apple's expectations.

In addition to the iPhone SE 4, we can also say goodbye to other models such as the Mini and Plus, which were not attractive to users who decided to upgrade and buy the most expensive iPhone category.

Kuo also said that the company was planning to use a full-screen design. But this means a greater cost and an increase in the price of the new device. This could lead to more stagnation and many people don't need to buy the new iPhone SE.

The cancellation of the next-generation iPhone SE could be bad news for Apple. However, this is good news for Qualcomm.

As Apple was seeking to reduce dependence on the US company's chips for fifth-generation networks and use its own chips.

But it did not succeed, and Apple faced problems that made it decide to go back again to relying on Qualcomm chips in its iPhones.

Kuo explained that Apple modems don't perform as well as Qualcomm ones.

That's why Ming-Chi Kuo expects to use Qualcomm's 5G chips in the iPhone 16, which will appear next year.


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