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iPhone, in a new competition, announced the production of alternative and cheaper headphones than AirPods

Many American and Western media circulated information that Apple intends to launch new low-cost and cheap earphones to compete with the alternative headphones that invade the market and affect sales of the AirPods produced by Apple.

According to a report published by the British newspaper “Daily Mail” and seen by “Al Arabiya Net”, the cheap headphones will bear the name (AirPods Lite), and they will be distinguished by their cheap price, and they aim to challenge competitors. . . . who submit. cheap headphones in the market.

The newspaper quoted industry sources as saying that Apple may develop a new, cheaper version of its wireless headphones that will help it challenge competitors. And there were rumors that the tech giant was working on a product called (AirPods Lite) amid fears of low demand for the third-generation (AirPods) in 2023.

There are not many details about the upcoming headphones, while the company did not comment on this information, it is expected that the price of the cheapest headphones will be less than $ 129, that is, it will be cheaper than the price of the headphones. headphones. headphones. headphones. The second. AirPods are currently being built according to current information. so far.

The technology has proven to be very popular with iPhone and Apple users, but it doesn't come cheap, and with no indication of a date for fourth-generation AirPods this year, there's a huge gap for the company to unleash new capabilities. The project.

Analyst Jeff Bo of Haitong Intel Tech Research said in a note leaked to the media that the new AirPods Lite is intended to compete with cheaper wireless earphones.

He said industry sources told him that AirPods shipments are expected to drop from 73 million units in 2022 to 63 million this year. This has been blamed on a lack of demand for the third-generation AirPods, which will be two years old later this year, along with the fact that there has been a suggestion that Apple will not release a new version in 2023.

And the “Daily Mail” newspaper says that if the (AirPods Lite) rumor is correct, there are no details about when it will be launched by the technology giant, and there is no information about the shape of the earphones or their features. will be fired. Bring them to date, but that's almost certain. There will be no active noise cancellation as this is for the high-end model (AirPod Pro).

AirPods 3 cost $169, 2nd generation $129, and AirPods Pro cost $249.

And unlike the regular standard “AirPods”, the new “Pro” model that was launched last year comes with silicone ear tips, available in four sizes, which means that they fit the user’s ears more comfortably and make them feel secure when running or walking. . . . . . It also offers better noise cancellation and a new charging case with a chip (U1) for precision searching.

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