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Is the Saudi NEOM project considered a successful future project?

 Neom is a proposed city in Saudi Arabia that is being developed by the Saudi Arabian government. The city is planned to be a hub for advanced technology and innovation, and it is intended to be a model for sustainable living.

The legal system in Neom will be based on the principles of sharia, but it is intended to be more flexible and open to innovation than traditional interpretations of Islamic law. The government has stated that Neom will have its own legal framework, which will be separate from the rest of Saudi Arabia and will allow for greater flexibility and experimentation in the development of new laws and regulations.

One of the main goals of Neom is to create a business-friendly environment that attracts international investment and promotes economic growth. To this end, the legal system in Neom is expected to be more streamlined and efficient, with a focus on promoting entrepreneurship and innovation.

Overall, the legal system in Neom is an important aspect of the city's development, as it will play a key 

 role in shaping the laws and regulations that govern the daily lives of its citizens and businesses. 

Height: 500 m

Area: 34 km²

Coordinates: 28°06′59″N 34°34′55″E / 28.116365°N 34.581895°E

Population: (9,000,000) people (census)

Region: Tabuk Region

Founding date: January 10, 2021

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