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Mercedes is expected to end the EQ branding on electric models by 2024


Mercedes-Benz is expected to stop using the EQ branding on new electric vehicles by 2024, according to a report published by Germany's Handelsblatt.

The paper cites unnamed sources at Mercedes who claim the brand will become redundant with the switch to electric-only models.

We've reached out to a company spokesperson to confirm the report, but they haven't yet responded to our request for comment.

It is currently very easy to identify an all-electric Mercedes-Benz model from a petrol-powered one. Not only do they feature an aerodynamically optimized, albeit bubble-like, bodywork, but they also sport the prefix EQ. By the end of next year, this will no longer be the case for Mercedes' new electric cars, according to a report by the German daily Handelsblatt.

The scoop, which has now been picked up by several media outlets, is based on in-company sources who claim the EQ brand will become redundant once Mercedes switches to an all-electric lineup. It seems reasonable. For example, there would be no need for an electric version of the S-Class to be called EQS if there was no S-Class.

Of course, Mercedes' full adoption of electric models will take some time, so we don't expect to see the outright cancellation of the EQ sub-brand for a while. Instead, we believe that new electric models will begin to adopt traditional nameplates within the next couple of years or so as their current combustion-powered counterparts finish their current generations.

We've reached out to a Mercedes-Benz spokesperson to confirm the report on the company's plans. We haven't received a response yet, but we will update this story

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