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New Twitter. For you, go to the web version


The Twitter platform announced that it will bring the new tab (For You), which was launched last Tuesday for iPhone and iPad tablets, to web browsers on desktop devices.

This tab, which Twitter appears to have taken its name from the popular short video service TikTok, replaces the previous tab, "Home", which displays tweets according to Twitter's algorithm that combines tweets from followers and accounts that Twitter believes The user may be interested in it, according to the Arab Technical News Portal website.

This a disturbing change for some

Users can still access tweets arranged in reverse chronological order from newest to oldest from people they follow in the new Following tab, previously called Latest.

For some of them, this change is now very annoying given that the main third-party Twitter applications stopped working yesterday, making it impossible for users who do not prefer Twitter features on its main platform to resort to, according to the site.

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