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Samsung is preparing to launch its new home robot


Samsung announced its readiness to launch the first smart “robot” to help humans in daily life, according to a report published by the technical website Pulse.

“The personal assistant robot EX1 will be launched on the market in 2023,” said Han Young Hee, CEO of Samsung, during a press conference, considering this field as a “new growth engine” for the South Korean giant, on the sidelines. From the Consumer Electronics Show. CES 2023 "

And in 2021, Samsung announced plans to invest 240 trillion won ($191 billion) over the next three years in new businesses of the future, including "bots" and artificial intelligence.

Samsung had named "EX1" on one of its digital cameras, which it launched on the market in 2010, while it had previously been used with its "robot" models.

Previous experiences

In January 2021, “Samsung” announced a group of “robots” dedicated to facilitating life at home, and presented 3 models, including a “robot” that helps in accomplishing household tasks. The company's virtual conference, during the Consumer Electronics Show "CES 2021", witnessed the presentation of "Bot Handy", which relies on cameras and sensors, and is able to move freely in the home without colliding with any obstacles, along with an arm that enables it to rotate in all directions, so that It can handle various household items.

At that time, the company also introduced the new generation of the "Bot Care" robot, which provided it with new technologies that allow it to move more freely and more accurately inside the house, while moving around inside the house to remind you to move and drink. And also get some rest.

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