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Researchers from Brigham and Brigham Hospital in America have developed a revolutionary method for treating cancer that can fight tumors and cancerous cells in the brain and give long-term immunity to them.

The researchers say this method promises to kill off tumors and train the immune system to prevent cancer recurrence.

What's the new way?

Researchers at Brigham's Hospital in Boston, US, are developing a new method that promises to eradicate cancerous brain tumors, by testing a new approach that could pave the way for a revolutionary cancer treatment, they say.

The researchers used live cancer cells to attack the brain tumor and prevent its spread, by modifying the cancer cells and turning them into vaccines that release biochemical substances that induce suicide and allow the immune system to recognize and destroy them automatically.

On the subject, Muhannad Diab, a consultant oncologist, told Sky News Arabia: "Covid-19 has opened up new horizons for treatment, especially cancer treatments."

He added, "The new method is simply a message that the 'messenger' carries to the cells to give cancer information. For the first time, we can download the 'messenger' with a message to order self-killing, to kill cancer cells." Where did the experiments arrive?

The report of the American researchers, published in the journal "Science Translational Medicine," referred to the application of the experiment on mice with a type of difficult and dangerous brain tumor that attacks and expands the nerve tissue.

The scientists used CRISPR-Cas9 gene-editing technology to rewrite the genetic code of cancer cells taken from mice.

And they injected the genetically modified cells into mice with brain cancer, and in the results of this experiment, they found that these cells began to release a chemical that eventually led to their complete self-destruction.

Doctor Diab said: "The experiments have been going on for a year, and they have been tested on a number ofseveral types of cancer. What is new is their experience with leukemia, and the results are impressive so far."

He added, "Today we see a new hope that we did not experience, a vaccine against cancer, but we need at least five years to confirm the positive results."

Although this experience is still in the preliminary stage, it paves the way for a new revolutionary approach to the treatment of cancer diseases, according to the saying..and its cure is with that which is the disease.

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