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6 Uses for Your Smartphone You Probably Didn't Know

 The use of smartphones should not be limited to making calls, sending text messages, and following up on social networking sites, but must take advantage of all the features and tools available in those phones to help accomplish multiple daily tasks, and facilitate many things in the various aspects of our lives. Here are 5 useful uses for your smartphone that you probably didn't know about before:

1- Using the phone to control the car

You can use your phone as a remote control for the car via the (Viper SmartStart) application, as this application allows you to unlock and start the car, open the trunk, find the location of the car, activate its security system, and many other things.

This application is available to iPhone users in the App Store, and to Android users in the Google Store for free, with the ability to subscribe within the application.

2- Use your phone as a tape measure

You can use your smartphone to measure the lengths of different objects instead of a tape measure. There are many mobile apps that can help you measure lengths using your phone's camera.

For example: You can use the (Measure) application on the iPhone to measure the length of a specific object. This application uses Augmented Reality (AR) technology to calculate the dimensions of an object. To use the Measure app, follow these steps:

Open the app and point your phone's camera at the object you want to measure.

Keep adjusting the camera angle until a white circle with a dot inside appears on the screen.

Move this point so that it is visible above the beginning of the object whose length you want to measure. This is where the app will start measuring from.

After that, press the Add button that appears in the form of a plus sign (+), then move the phone across the body until the point becomes visible above the other end of the body.

Click the add (+) button again when the circle is over where you want to end the measurement.

3- Converting old photos into digital photos

You don't need to buy a scanner to convert old paper photos and old film tapes into digital images, you can use your phone's camera with one of the scanner apps available for iPhone and Android phones.

You can try apps like FilmBox to quickly capture old photo tapes and turn them into high-quality digital photos. And after converting those photos, you can store them in your phone and share them with friends and family. You can also turn it into an album using an app like Google Photos.

FilmBox is available for iPhone users in the App Store, and for Android users in the Google Play Store.

4- Using the phone as a device to control the TV remotely

You can use your smartphone, whether it is an iPhone or Android, to control the TV remotely, by downloading the applications of the TV manufacturer, or using applications through which you can control most smart TVs, such as the ASmart Remote IR application for Android phones, and the EzRemote Lite application for iPhone.

5- Display directions in the car's windshield

In times when the weather is foggy or heavy rain, it becomes difficult to see the road and directions, and in this case, the smartphone can be used to help determine directions through the (Hudway) application, which displays road directions in the windshield of the car to facilitate driving.

To get started with this app, enter the destination you want to go to, and the app will display directions in the windshield. And when using it, make sure that the phone is installed correctly and appropriately so that you can see the road clearly.

The Hudway app is available for iPhone users in the App Store, and for Android users in the Google Play Store, for free, with the ability to subscribe within the application.

6- Create a notification log

Modern Android phones have a feature that allows you to create a notification history that you can access even if you clear all notifications that appeared on the home screen at the time they arrived.

Here's how to enable this feature:

* Go to (settings) Settings.

* Click on the (Notifications) option, and then (Notification history).

* Activate the option (use notification history) Use notification history.

* After activating this feature, you will see a record of the notifications that you will receive later under the option (Use notification history).

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