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An amazing update from "WhatsApp" .. Sending 100 pictures in one message


While users of the famous “WhatsApp” application face many restrictions while communicating with others, such as the size of videos and the number of photos that can be sent, a new update revealed an amazing feature that enables them to send 100 photos in one message.

And soon, the ceiling of 30 images that can be sent in personal and group conversations will end, according to the technical website “WaBetaInfo.”

He also added that the new update in the application will enable users to send up to 100 images in a single message.

A new feature

He said that the new feature is currently being tested in the "beta" beta version by a number of testers, after its introduction in the new update for that version.

The site obtained a screenshot showing the “WhatsApp” interface while uploading photos, and a note appeared at the bottom, saying that the maximum limit is 100 photos, not 30 photos as it is currently.

According to the technical website, this feature will make it easier for users to share their photo albums with their friends and families.

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