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Google fears "GBT Chat" competition...and responds with this feature


Google seeks to maintain its lead in the world of search, which it has dominated for many years, by offering new features that rely mainly on artificial intelligence to ensure that it is not affected by competition in this sector.

The "Chat GBT" application constituted a case of fierce competition for Google in the recent period, especially with the rates of high demand by users to rely on it in certain searches.

According to the American channel “CNBC”, Google is testing a chatbot called “Apprentice Bard”, as it allows users to ask questions and receive detailed answers similar to the way the “Chat GBT” application works.


The new robot uses a conversational technology called "LaMDA", which is intended to compete with the "GPT Chat" technology.

"We've always focused on developing and deploying artificial intelligence to improve people's lives," said a Google spokesperson.

"We need to consider the broader societal impacts these innovations can have. We continue to test our AI technology internally to ensure it is useful and safe, and we look forward to sharing more experiences externally soon," the spokesperson added.

The "Chat GBT" application for chatting was developed by the American company "Open AI".

And the famous search engine, Google, has become an integral part of human life, so that the word "Google" has come to mean "search", and the evidence for this is that the site ended in 2022 as the most visited site in the world.

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