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How to make your phone take pictures of anyone trying to access it without you knowing


Smartphone users are exposed to situations in which intruders try to unlock the phone and spy on content and personal information such as uses, conversation history, etc., trying to predict the password or security pattern.

It is always recommended to use a password, PIN code, pattern and other means of locking the phone screen, to prevent strangers from unlocking the mobile and spying on personal information, but many times people try to guess the password and unlock the phone but many times it takes several attempts.

To get the service, you first need to download an app from the Google Play Store called Third Eye, which is a free app that can be installed easily

The application requests the permission to appear at the top to work continuously even when the screen is closed, through the system settings - you will be directed to it automatically from within the application - and after returning to the “third eye” make sure that the option to detect intruders is activated.

And now when the phone is in lock mode, and anyone tries to unlock your phone if they leave it, they will take pictures of it without realizing it through the front camera.

To find out who tried to unlock your mobile, you will find an alert from the application as soon as you unlock the lock in the correct way that someone tried to unlock it.

To see the photos that were taken, open the application and enter the photo history tab, and you will find the person who tried to unlock the mobile phone without your knowledge.

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