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Jobs that are threatened with disappearance due to artificial intelligence .. Get to know them


Artificial intelligence is advancing rapidly in our world today, as it has become a substitute for many of the tasks that humans used to perform, while it may threaten other jobs, which means replacing some employees with artificial intelligence assuming their roles.

Chatbots and AI tools such as ChatGPT that can produce increasingly complex written content are already in use, according to a report by CBS news.

Some experts have summarized a number of the tasks and function most likely to be taken over by ChatGPT and other AI tools in the near term.

computer programming

And we start with computer programming where ChatGPT can write computer code for software applications.

It can also check the human programmers' language for errors and convert ideas from plain English into the programming language.

In addition, writing emails or simple scheduling for things like setting or canceling appointments can be done easily by external sources such as ChatGPT, says Oded Netzer, a professor at Columbia Business School.

"There is hardly any creativity, so why to write everything down instead of telling the machine, 'I need to schedule a meeting on this date,'" he said.

Intermediate level writing

David Autor, an MIT economist who specializes in labor, has pointed to some mid-level white-collar jobs as jobs that could be taken over by AI, including work such as writing HR letters, producing advertising copy, and drafting press releases.

"Robots will be more in the business of people doing a mix of intuitive and mundane tasks such as writing basic advertising copy or drafting legal documents. These are specialized skills, and there is no doubt that software will make them cheaper and thus devalue human labor."

Media planning and purchasing

The creative industries are also likely to be affected. Chief advertising officer Martin Sorrell, founder of WPP, the world's largest advertising and PR group, said in a recent session that he expects the way companies buy advertising space to be automated "in a very efficient way" within five years.

"So you wouldn't rely as a customer on a 25-year-old media planner or buyer with limited experience, but you would be able to aggregate data. That's the big change," he added.

legal jobs

And finally, legal jobs, where ChatGPT's capabilities translate well to the legal profession, according to AI experts and legal professionals.

The ChatGPT bot recently passed a law school exam and earned a passing score after writing articles on topics ranging from constitutional law to tax and torts.

Common legal forms and documents including home lease agreements, wills, and non-disclosure agreements are fairly standard and can be drafted by an advanced bot.


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